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1 Strap Belt Bundle

This Waist Training Sweat Belt preserves body heat and stimulates sweat during exercise. With a Zipper and Velcro for a firmer hold and fit, working out just became a tad bit easier. The Workout Belt or Workout Band will facilitate fat burning around your entire torso. This is a speedy weight loss sweat enhancing sports thermal belt, and it is made up of high quality neoprene which is specially made for workout gym exercise, and which will make you sweat 3-4 times more than other waist trainers.  If you are into fitness here goes a Neoprene Sweat Belt that will get you your workout goals fast. Allow this belt to help flatten your tummy and get rid of unwanted back fat and those stubborn love handles, by losing inches and melting the fat away. It is also an excellent waist trainer post pregnancy. Slim down with the best tummy trainer!



Leila Resistance Bands 

These award winning resistance bands provide a great way for individuals to workout. Whether your at the gym and want to use this to aid in your exercise or your at home and are looking for new way to workout and stay in shape, these resistance bands are a great choice! You can do a variety of different exercises whether you are using them for sports, fitness, or physical therapy. The different color bands also have a different strength of resistance associated with them so you can choose which one fits you best.